Finding Income at Home

Brilliant Ways to Make Quick Money

For the Not-So-Ready-to-Work
Work from Home Moms

Did you know finding income at home is easier than you think?

Want to know brilliant ways to make quick money without having to start a business – because you are not-so-ready to be apart of the work from home moms career path -- just yet?

Most SAHM’s who need to have a quick income at home think about starting a business, or tend to think too large: like getting a job, robbing a bank, but there are easier ways to make quick money when you’re hands are tied and you need to make money fast.

Is this a get-rich-quick scheme? Nope.

Knock over a liquor store? Nope.

Does this entail looking for pennies in the couch? No, well, you can do that, but no.

How about "borrowing" money from your kids piggy bank, again? Nope, you'll even get to return that money...

It’s much easier, much more freeing, and a lot more fun because of the creativity behind it!

Plus you’ll enjoy how I came up with this idea…

My dog became very sick (it gets better, I promise), she required staying in a Pet ICU… and the grand total of that little sleep over? $8,000. Well, this is my baby, the love of my life. I wasn’t going to let her die, so I managed to find the money.

Following that, 2 months later my other dog was ripped to shreds by another dog (not a fun season of my life!), more vet bills – lots and lots of vet bills! Of course, I managed to find the money. What I discovered during that season is I had to make quick decisions to find money to save my dogs lives. I bartered, sold, traded and so forth to make the payments in full, all without charging. I’m a strong believer of not having debt.

Here is the discovery, I had to find ways to make quick money without going in debt or putting my dogs down.

So what did I do? I found dozens of things in my house that I could sell. A garage sale one day, sold some old jewelry in a jewelry store, sold some antiques in an antique store, put some furniture on consignment, had a clothing/shoe/purse sale.

I got creative trying to find quick income at home.

And the best part about it was I didn’t even feel the squeeze of all the missing items in my house. Plus I found a whole bunch more goodies I’m going to sell!

So here is the plan for you…

Imagine for a moment someone very close to you needs an operation. Humor me, because you will have to go deep into the psyche to get your juices flowing; otherwise you will want to continue to hoard your stuff :0).

Imagine it’s going to cost $8,000, and if they don’t have the surgery they will die. What can you sell within the next 48-72 hours to come up with that kind of money?

Start writing down ideas, big, small, ridiculous it doesn’t matter just write and continue to write over the next few days. Now start doing it. Seriously it’s that easy to find ways to make quick money when it seems like you have no money!

Need some more ideas?

  • How about selling those dusty knickknacks?
  • That pasta maker you still haven’t used?
  • Children’s clothing?
  • Go to the attic and see what treasures lurk there.
  • Ask friends to donate garage sale stuff (trust me, most people hate setting up and doing garage sales).
  • Have a home ______________ sale (fill in the blank of what you have too much of: shoes, clothes, crystal, grandma’s old jewelry, or silver, etc.).
  • Sell stuff on Craigslist.
  • Sell on EBay.
  • Sell on Etsy.
  • Empty out that storage unit you’ve been paying on for the last 2 years.
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