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Best Home Business Start Up Ideas

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Antique Furniture Refurnishing
Love to work with tools and wood? Have an eye for refinishing antiques and older furniture? Have an eye for antiques or well-worn furniture that needs some love? This may be a wonderful business for you. Refurnishing has become a profitable business in the last few years. Antique lovers are everywhere and are in need of qualified skilled craftsmanship to make there treasured pieces something to enjoy.

Want to Be a Closet Organizer?
Got an eye for organization? Know how to help people stuff their closet with all their stuff in a neat and orderly way? This may be a fun business for you.

This is a fun business because decluttering home closets helps people in more ways than just cleaning up, it helps them emotionally, and internally. When someone’s life is disorganized it not just an external problem, it’s a result of an internal problem, by solving the external it helps them look at the internal. You become more than a closet lady – you become a hero! Please continue reading to see if any of these ideas for a home business is right for you.

Home or Office Clutter Consultant
Do you have a passion for de-cluttering? Do you love to organize and reorganize homes? This may be your perfect business! When families or offices become disorganized and clutter overtakes them, they become paralyzed and don’t know where to start. This is where you come in. With your passion, understanding and ideas you can turn their disorganized life into to orderly, structured, and well managed life. Please keep reading for more great ideas for a home business.

Apartment and Condo Clean Up
Okay this is not the most enjoyable business but it is one that you can really clean up -- financially! With managers having a huge amount of work to already attend to – cleaning up after a messy tenant is almost impossible. If you have a passion for cleaning and making a house a home someone will love to live in, this may be right up your alley. Please continue reading to see if any of these ideas for a home business is right for you.

Blind Cleaning
Like apartment clean up, blind cleaning has great potential for growth as well – but not as hard! Although it’s not a completely easy business, it is a business with great growth and potential. Think about it, how many people do you know who likes cleaning their blinds? Not many! But that is where you come in. With the right tools, right cleaning supplies and the right passion, you can turn this business into a great home business. And it’s another business that can be done while the kids are at school. Please continue reading to see if any of these ideas for a home business is right for you.

House Numbers on the Curb
Easy, quick, and doing a valuable service is what this business is all about. If you are looking for a business that works around a tight schedule this may be for you. With a small start-up cost, easy to do and just a few tools you can be well on your way to making some easy money. Simple to advertise, simple to do, what are you waiting for? Please keep reading for more great ideas for a home business.

Illuminated House Numbers Sales

Like curb painting this is another inexpensive business to start and grow. Whether you do together with curb painting or separate, this business is an easy to market and easy to get off the ground. The solar-powered house numbers are easy to install for the customer or for you to install for them.Whether you go house to house, market through mail order, or at trade shows this business is a great part-time business that you can operate from home. Marketing Ideas: after finding the right solar powered numbers, contact mail order companies that compliment this business. Additionally you can go door to door with ready-to-install numbers. Please continue reading to see if any of these ideas for a home business is right for you.


Being an accountant is a fabulous career because accountants are always in need! And it’s an easy business to start at home…. Providing you have help with your kids during tax season. Although this is a great business to start with little overhead it does have its downfall, during tax season you’ll need to be working 12-18 hours a day, if you want the company to grow. If you keep it as a part-time job, it will be easier to be a true WAHM!

Start-up costs: $3,000 to 9,000

Qualifications: CPA and some experience with the field you choose.

Fees: Accountants charge anywhere between $45 and up (even into the thousands for more complicated work).

Equipment needed: Computer, phone, fax, calculator, office area that clients can come to, accounting software, printers, business cards, and business stationary.

Where to begin: Offer free services to non-profit organizations, your home church, or friends with companies. This will help with practice, referrals and building a strong clientele. Please continue reading to see if any of these ideas for a home business is right for you.

Animal Breeder:

How fun would it be to have precious little puppies running around? Fun, yes, a lot of work, absolutely. This is not one of those fields you go into blindly. This is a huge undertaking and a lot of work. The best way to learn this business is to visit other breeders and learn from them. Go with a list of questions and do a ton of reading.

Start-up Cost: $10,000-15,000

Potential Earnings: $38,000-80,000

Fees per breed: $150-1000Qualifications: Knowledge of specific breed, understanding the who, what, and why, and how’s of breeding, permits, pet-midwife knowledge and so forth. Check with local zoning for boarding and permits. Not right for you? Please continue reading to see if any of these ideas for a home business is right for you.

Antique Dealer

If you love antiques and can recognize a real from a fake this may be just the field for you.

Start-up Costs: $2,000 -10,000

Potential Earnings: $25,000-130,000

Qualifications: Must know antiques, history, working in an antique store would help but not necessary. Where to start? Depending on your finances you can begin by shopping garage sales and flea markets. Treasures are always lurking there. I’ve seen a few friends picking up $1000 pieces for $15.00. Not a daily occurrence but it does happen. The internet will be your friend! Buying and selling from, eBay and other antique internet location will be a great place to start. Also watch for estate sales, moving sales and cleaning out grandma’s home – there you’ll find a bunch of antiques that can thrust your business quickly. Please continue to read other ideas for a home business.

Assistant (Virtual or Administrative)

This is a great job you can do from home. If you can type, know your way around a computer, write and send letters, phone, email, and snail mail correspondence, minor bookkeeping, and running errands, and researching or gathering data this may just be a perfect business for you. The needs of business men, women and CEO’s are unlimited, with a few preparations you can be up and working in a week or less.

Start-up Costs: $100-2,000 (depending on the needs of your clients)

Potential Earnings: $10,000-30,000

Qualifications: Must know Word, Excel, Must be able to get around on a computer, typing skills, strong command of English language and grammar and punctuation. Higher Education is great but not necessary.

Where to Start: Create a Website with lots of examples of your work. Set yourself up on companies like, etc. Advertise in local paper, go around to local small businesses or find them on the net, create brochures and hand out everywhere you go! Please continue reading to see if any of these ideas for a home business is right for you.


Love recordkeeping, bookkeeping, number-keeping, payroll, and all that fun stuff, this may be the perfect job for you. Plus it’s a perfect business that can be done anywhere! This is one of those fields you must be extremely accurate, detailed, and you cannot procrastinate –if this is you, you may want to keep looking.

Start-up Costs: $700-3,000 (depending on what you already have and need)

Potential Earnings: $15000-38,000 (even more if you have a larger clientele)

Qualifications: Must understand and have training in payroll, record keeping, tax preparation, financial statements, billing, and bank transaction.

A great place to get good credentials and referrals is offering your services to non-profit organizations and churches.

Where to Start: With good credentials and referrals in hand, build a website, offer services for ½ price for the first 3-6 months and once they see how great you are they will keep you. Only a few people will abuse your services, for the most part, people who trust someone enough with their secure documents just want to make sure you are capable of doing their job right, no one wants to go through the hassle of finding new bookkeepers over and over.

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