The Pros and Cons of
Starting a Business from Home

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For me, I think starting a business from home is the only way to go. But... I grew up having family run businesses. Married into family run businesses and divorced starting up my own businesses. For me, running a business is in my blood – so to speak.

I think the best part about starting a business from home, is having your family participate in it. Having kids helping run the business, the kids partake in all the parts of running it. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, it challenges them to make business decisions, and although they may make a few mistakes, they learn from those mistakes and become amazing business men and women as adults. As a result, you’ve taught your children to look at life from a different perspective, they will be the children who grow up to be the business owners, managers, strong leaders and even solid employees that will climb the corporate latter quicker.

The Pros of Starting a Business from Home :

  1. You can do it from anywhere in the world (as long as there is internet service).
  2. You can run it at any hour of the day. (before the kids wake up, during their naps, when they go to bed – any time you have time!).
  3. Our world is internet savvy, more and more people are purchasing items online rather than running out to get it. They rather pay more for the convenience.
  4. You can gain financial freedom with less money than it takes to open a store in town.
  5. Unlimited customer reaching power.
  6. Lower startup costs, lower overhead, lower employee needs.
  7. Now-a-days passion is what is selling. The days of Pa going to the factory are over (sorta). Now you can have a job that you are passionate about.
  8. More and more inexperienced men and women and even kids are jumping on the internet selling craze. You don’t need to be a professional _______________ to get up and going.
  9. You can hire out the areas you don’t know (for very little cost), do what you like to do. Outsourcing are the new employees – without the legal and overhead commitments.
  10. The only limit to your business is your imagination. Really. If you are passionate about it, in all likelihood there are others interested in it too.

The Cons of Starting a Business from Home:

  1. It takes time to start a business from home, let alone, starting a business from home that is successful – there are no get rich quick.
  2. You may not see financial return for at least 6 months and in some cases 1 year.
  3. When you start a business from home it means no steady income in the beginning. If you need a steady month to month check, owning your own business is not for you.
  4. You may miss out on a bunch of fun opportunities because work and family comes first – especially in the first year.

Well, if those didn’t scare you off, owing your own business may just be right for you.

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