Successful Time Management Tips

for the WAHM Learning Time Management Skills

Welcome to your FREE Time Management Tips for the WAHM (work from home mom) wanting to learn time management skills.

Ready to kick start your success by learning the-all-important time management skills?

Today you can have total freedom: today you are going to learn how to stop tolerating those pesky situations that are upsetting you and frustrating your life!

INSTRUCTIONS: Over time we get dragged down and overwhelmed by things that accumulate in our home, in our daily lives and it ends up cluttering our minds. Now is the time to identify what you're tolerating!

Start Your Success by Just Writing

You may not want to do anything about them right now, but just writing those down will raise your awareness. Naturally without effort you will start handling, fixing and resolving them. So, make a list of what you’re putting up with at work, at home, with friends, any clutter that is overwhelming, to determine what might be slowing you down!

Examples could be: Incomplete tasks, frustrations with friends and families, problems, other people’s or your own behavior, clutter, things you know you should do, unmet needs, crossed boundaries, overdue library books/DVDs, outdated wardrobe, unresolved issues or guilt, unforgiveness, lack of exercise, eating habits, being indecisive, procrastinating, lack of sleep etc…Over time and as you think of more items, add them to your list.

To get started grab a journal, a notebook, or on your computer make a list from 1-40. Then begin writing all the things that you have tolerated in your life. Throughout the week keep adding more things to the list, you may have to add some numbers :).

Side note: My friend Ann Gatty goes more into detail about this on her website. Her website is full of amazing tips and helpful ideas to break the habits of having undue stress and adding too many things on our plate.

Ready to Practice Your Time Management Tips?

After you've looked over it, which things are you ready to remove from your life? What things have you been tolerating for too long? Next to each item write a date to remove it from your life.

And remember to have fun doing this. You are investing in yourself by planning to succeed!

Download the PDF of Time Management Tips and Learning Time Management Skills version here.

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