Top Home Based Business Ideas

Resources on How to Open a Business

For the Moms Who Work from Home
(Or Want-to-Be WAHM)

Looking to find the top home based business ideas with plenty of resources on how to start a home business? Look no further!

Small Business Administration (SBA) this is a fabulous resource for anyone starting a home business, especially if you want a loan. Although the process is quite long to get a loan, it is well worth the investment if you need some extra financial backing. This government sponsored organization has tons of free information, writing business plans, seminars, paperwork to get you going in the right direction.

SCORE is a network of retired executives, business owners and other business managers who volunteer their time to help the small business owner prosper and succeed Women's Business center www.onlinebc.gv is dedicated to serving women and WAHM’s who desire to own their own business. Great resources!

Internal Revenue Service provides great information about all your small business needs, including but not limited to up-to-date tax incentives, new programs for a new small business, and free software for the small business owner.

Obtain a free catalog of legitimate grants from the Catalog of Federal Government Assistance from the U.S. government’s website: is a fantastic resource offering DIY business plans as well as services to assist business planning.

Small Business Resources a great site written by entrepreneurs and netpreneurs for up-and-coming small business owners. They share a vast knowledge of how to succeed in business. A great FREE resource offering helpful advice and top home based business ideas to help you succeed.

Chamber of Commerce finds you the local chamber in your town or city to help new owners develop their small businesses.

All Business is another great organization that can help you with all your business needs. A great forum when your bank says, “NO!” the site offers detailed resources and tips on how to prepare a business plan. Looking for an angel investor or venture capital firm or investment bank? This directory offers great advice, planning tools and resources and business plan examples to get you going.

htpp:// is one of the biggest online networking company for small business owners. is a great resource for entrepreneurs. is one of my favorite online entrepreneur magazines. provides a database of lenders and investors for small businesses.

SBA Financing your Business: the Small Business Administration works with banks and other lending institutions to help the small business owner get financing when regular financing is not available.

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