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I have a new friend who shared this successful business idea (they were actually very unique business ideas) with me. She told me about how she spun in circles trying to figure out how to get her business off the ground. She had fear of failure, anxiety about making the wrong choices, uncertain what she should do and so forth. Unfortunately it just paralyzed her – for over 1 decade.

But with a few ideas, a few thoughtful plans she was well on her way to having a home based business success story.

Mary’s Successful Business Idea and Her Home Based Business Success Story

How did she do it? Listen to it in her own words:

Mary said, “So here is my successful business idea: I decided to make some changes in my life. Long story short, I've made a plan for this year to get back to the income I had before I was forced to leave medicine back in 2000 due to psychiatric disability, which was about $100,000 a year; I want $10,000 a month.

How will I do this? Honestly, I had no idea. Not one single clue. But as the days have passed, my mind went to work. I grabbed a pen and note book and started writing. I started writing about my fear of failure and everything else that was stopping me from pursuing a financially prosperous future.

I knew as I started writing something changed, fear wasn’t controlling me, anxiety stopped, loss seemed to disappear. The writing exercise gave me courage to move forward.

Then, that morning, I had a revelation that I'd like to share with you.

I decided to work backwards from my goal and see how much I needed to start, if I doubled my income every month:

Since my goal was to make $10K a month and I wanted that at the end of the year, I did some math backwards (so to speak). I started with December, knowing that was the month I wanted to be earning that much per month.

December 2012 $10,000
November $5000
October $2500
September $1250
August $625
July $312
June $156
May $78
April $39
March $19
February $10
January $5

All I need right now for the month of January, is 5 bucks. That's it! That is a goal I can accomplish. And in February, $10 is a goal I certainly can accomplish then, too!”

Powerful and unique business ideas, huh?

First she started writing, then she came up with the idea of doubling her income till she reached her desired income.

Let me, (Kelly), share my feelings:

My new friend created a new mind set. She decided not to continue on the path of paralysis, but rather chose to create a plan and work with it.

Can you do that?

Can you create your own unique business ideas and your own home based business success story? Can you set a goal for yourself that is easily attainable?

You may not want $10,000.00/month (or at least the headaches to go with it), you may just want $500.00/month. Can you create a plan starting with the end in mind?

Okay, let’s say you want $1000.00/month. And you need to start earning income within 6 months. For ease of demonstration I’m going to use a January through June template.

June $1000.00/month
May $750.00/month
April $500.00/month
March $250.00/month
February $125.00/month
January $75.00/month

Can you make just $75.00 this month?

How about just $500.00/month:

June $500.00/month
May $250.00/month
April $100.00/month
March $75.00/month
February $25.00/month
January $10.00/month

Can you make just $10.00 this month?

Want to make your own? Here you go:

December $______.00/month
November $ ______.00/month
October $ ______.00/month
September $______.00/month
August $_____.00/month
June $_____.00/month
May $_____.00/month
April $____.00/month
March $_____.00/month
February $____.00/month
January $_____.00/month

Creating your own successful business plan is not as farfetched as you might thought when you do a little math backwards.
Happy successful business adventures!

Have a successful business idea that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you. Just share below.

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