16 Fabulous Family Budget Tips

Meals on a Budget
...When Eating Healthy on a Budget is Your Goal

Family Budget Tips - Meals on a Budget:

  1. Eat vegetarian 2 times a week.

  2. Prepare casseroles with extra vegetables and serve for two evenings.

  3. Incorporate beans and legumes one to two times a week in your meal planning.

  4. Shop according to lost leader ads, and prepare meals around them.

  5. Try treasurebox.com a great way to save on meals.

  6. Serve soup a couple times a month.

  7. Serve salad with beans, cheese and lots of veggies as a main course.

  8. Avoid prepared foods, not only are they NOT healthy they are too costly.

  9. Twice a month spend one day preparing meals for the month and freezing them. Having chicken and ground beef precooked, chili, stews, and veggies pre-cut will save time and money. And as a bonus, kids love cooking with mom! A great family fun time!

  10. Shop with coupons ONLY if you will use the product that week. Coupon shopping actually can cost you more if you are buying “just because” it’s on sale.

  11. Prepare a shopping list and stick to it.

  12. Prepare the shopping list for 10 days rather than 7, you can save $100 -200 by consolidating meal planning together.

  13. Prepare breakfasts and lunches at the beginning of the week. Not only will you save money for not going out to breakfast and lunch but your family will have a healthier meal. Make homemade Egg McMuffins, pre-cooked oatmeal (put in ready to eat bowl), French Toast. For sandwiches: pre-make the egg salad, tuna salad and lunchmeats but don’t put on bread until that day.

  14. Eat egg dishes two times a month.

  15. Have tuna casseroles one to two times a month.

  16. Serve pasta and veggie dishes a few times a month.

Create a monthly meal plan around the above ideas and you can save a few hundred dollars every month!

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