How to Save Money Fast

Creative Ways to Save Money
and Other Fun Tricks to Save Money

Looking how to save money fast? Here are 10 creative ways to save money.

  1. Start by getting a journal and write your dreams and then begin to tell your friends. Sound strange? It’s not; when you put your dreams on paper (and tell friends), it propels you to do something about it.

  2. Spend one month saving every receipt. Knowing exactly where all the money is going can help you find areas that can be cut from spending and start on your goal how to save money fast.

  3. Use the cash envelope trick to save money. What is it? Instead of using credit cards or debit cards decide on a certain amount of money you want to spend in each category, than put that amount in an envelope. Once you’ve spent the money for that category you’ll have to either not spend money until the next month or borrow from another category.

  4. Prepare a week’s worth of meals and freeze. By doing so, you’ll have the food ready and won’t be tempted to go out to eat or order pizza.

  5. Don’t go shopping to distress. Call a friend instead. You’ll save a lot, the temptation will diminish, and you’ll also get some great advice!

  6. Create a visual reminder of your debt. By doing so you’ll think twice about buying extra stuff!

  7. When buying something (big or small) ask yourself “which is more important, this item or my dreams?” Stopping and asking yourself can actually cut your spending in half – and that is your goal: how to save money fast!

  8. Call the number on the back of your credit card bill and ask them to reduce your interest rate or you are going to find someone else. If they say they can’t ask for a supervisor. By doing so, you can save anywhere from 2%-4%.

  9. Once every few months call your cell phone company and ask them to re-adjust your cell phone package. I saved $80.00 in monthly fees last time I called!

  10. Instead of taking the kids to the movies or amusement park, go to the park and play with them. You’ll save money and they will have a fun time with mom!

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