My Small Business Failure

Reasons for Business Failure

… and What I Did to Turn it Around!

With just one thing, I was able to take my small business failure and turn it into my success story. Curious what that small thing was?

Simple: my thoughts.

My thoughts determined whether I’d be a on a continual roller-coaster of failure or redeem that small business failure and turn it around.

I continually woke up and going to bed thinking about my failures and my reasons for business failure. I became obsessed thinking about my losses.

Life is about choices, we actually choose the outcome by that little 2.8 pound thing that sits in our head. That little blob of brain mass is the control center of what we think, do, and say.

For me, (after a lot of tantrums, depression, and being mad at God), I decided to change the outcome of my life by changing the way I thought.

If you want the full scoop, go to for more, but for now let me share my story of my small business failures and stopped mediating on my reasons for business failure.

I learned a lot from failure... it's not about the loss, it's about how we come out that is the real success or failure. See my two articles about business failure rate, or my article on successful business idea or the how to be content and the living a satisfied life and finding contentment to help you better understand how to see success through the eyes of loss and failed attempts.

That doesn't mean you can't cry your way through the pain, it just means, brush off the dirt, shake off the failure mentality and press forward.

Each time you have a loss or failure, look at what you did wrong, what you did right, spend a year studying everything you can on that issue, then rebuild yourself again.

I look at my daycare loss as a $750,000 learning experience (the loss of my business due to legal issues [see prior post])/ I have looked at my divorce and loss of my businesses as a 5 million dollar learning experience.

I had a choice how to handle it: cry, hire a hit man (just kidding :0).), go into deep depression {well I did that one really well}, or fight again, fight for my children to have a good life regardless of the hardships we had.

There is no such thing as failure in my book. I don't have a choice to fail. Maybe fail forward, but not fail backwards. but not fail backwards. There are too many people depending on me. And too many people in my organization that are hurting that need help. My children need a mother, my dad needs a daughter, my step mom needs a care-taker, and so forth.

As many times as I say, "that's it! I'm done" I realize I am wired to love people, help people and make sure no one goes through the pain I've gone through. And the only way I can do that is keep pressing forward, even when I don't feel like it.

The Lord bless you all with the desire to press forward and fight for your success!

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