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Learning time management first begins with awareness of where your time goes. If you don’t know what you do with your day, you will continue to say, “Where did my day go?” And learning internet time management is vital for any serious WAHM.

However, learning time management skills and internet time management is easier than you think.

As a WAHM, we must take seriously where we spend our time -- or it will seriously steal another day from us. Did you catch that? Please read it again!

I remember when I first started surfing and enjoying the social media sites -- what felt like 10 minutes were actually hours -- and lots of hours wasted. Have you ever did some research on the net and find 4 hours later you not only didn’t find what you were looking for but you are so far from your topic?

It’s easy to do.

But WAHM Business Women can’t do that… if they want a thriving business and a happy and healthy family.

The good news is I have 100’s of tools to help you monitor (and even stop) your surfing addictions/habits. Including, FREE planning tools, our time management tips, and goal setting articles, tools and templates. Monitoring your internet usage and understanding the importance of internet time management will help you succeed in providing a wonderfully calm and organized home and office.

It’s time to STOP jumping from one website to another looking for the newest and greatest advice.

Kelly’s Top 10 Successful Business Idea: And Learning Time Management for Moms

  • STOP: stop jumping from site to site.
  • FOCUS: focus on the information given, see how you can apply it -- and actually do it.
  • BE: be in the moment. Our minds race from thing to thing, idea to idea, this is the leading cause to failure. Allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing right then.
  • DO: have a list to do, and do it. Don’t add more things to it otherwise you’ll wind of with another day of “what did I do?”
  • LEARN: Learn, glean, garner from a successful WAHM or two. Learn about them, what they did, how they did it and take their experiences (good and bad) and apply them to help and guide you.
  • GROW: grow from your past. Your entire past is a wealth of learning experiences. Take all, the good, the bad, and the ever-so embarrassing and use them to thrust you forward.
  • CHANGE: change what hasn’t worked. It’s that simple. If you keep doing the same thing over and over getting the same results – guess what – nothing changes! Start with baby-steps; you’ll be amazed how it makes huge changes for your future.
  • MATURE: make sound, solid, mature decisions about your future. Think about every decision you make and remember it will affect your future and your families too!
  • PREPARE: prepare your future with solid goals. Create a road map that will move you from today to the desired outcome.
  • STAY: stay strong. Don’t give up, the first year is the hardest but if you fight for your dreams, you will succeed – and I guarantee that. Although you may not come out exactly how your vision and goals where written out, there may have been a few tweaks on the way, success happens because failure is not an option.

I am huge on research and studying and learning everything there is to know, but…. The internet is a dangerous place when it comes to your most valuable asset: YOUR TIME.

If you are serious about being a work from home mom, and being a successful WAHM, than you need to assess your internet time. And understand the importance of learning time management skills. Period.

You’ll never succeed if most of your valuable time is wasted surfing, emailing, or using any of the social medias.

Am I against those? Absolutely not! I think they are wonderful and use all of them, but I had to learn self-control. And I had to stop reading EVERYBODY’S opinion on a topic I was researching. I discovered that learning time management was about investing in myself, my business, and my family.

My Best TIP: Choose the top 2 or three sites, spend time taking their advice, use the tools, don’t skim, do all the work that is recommended, invest quality time on those sites getting all their knowledge – and then go say “hi” to a friend or two!

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