Learning to Save Money

Money Managing Tips for the WAHM

Learning to save money when you’re juggling work, kids, spouse and after school activities are not easy – to say the least! As we read through “everyone’s” great money managing tips on learning how to save money we leave saying great idea but that won’t work for me. (or forget what we read)

Juggling family and savings is tough, but can be easy if you take a few hours to make some plans.

Where to Begin

The best way to save money is to make a list of what your goals are. Start with yourself, your business, your home and your children then decide what is most important and then go from there.

After you wrote your goals now write your dreams. Dreams are different than goals. Goals are priorities in life – feeding kids, having electricity, paying for business expenses, and savings for retirement. Dreams are things you’ve longed to do – like going back to school, taking art classes and so forth.

The Why's of Saving Money

Learning to save money is about WHY you want to save money. If you know what your dreams and goals are, you are more willing to invest in them and not frivolously spend money on things that you don’t really need.

Here is an example. My girlfriend is trying to save up for a new car. But whenever she sees a cute little purse or stuffed animal she buys it for her daughter. Her daughter’s room is filled with so much stuff that she doesn’t need any more. I know you’re thinking it’s only $5-15.00, but if she saved that, plus saved from 10 other areas that could be $150.00 extra a month. Learning to save money is about learning to be free from the clutter of “stuff” and having what you really want.

Does Shopping Steal our Peace?

Frivolous shopping costs us more than a few dollars here and there; it can cost us our peace and joy. Whether you lose your peace and joy from having too much clutter, or from guilt of spending money you don’t have, or sadness from not having what you need frivolous shopping hurts us emotionally and physically.

If you need to save money, try these tips (from ideas above):

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Write down your dreams
  3. Make a decision that you won’t frivolously spend because frivolous spending is keeping you from your dreams and goals.

You’ll be amazed at how peaceful your life can be without all that stuff!

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