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Preparations to Start a Business from Home

Discovering if Your Ready to be a
Work from Home Mom

Looking at starting a successful home business? Want to know what the smart work from home moms do when they start a business from home? Want to know their secrets for building a successful home-based business? Need a list of the best business resources to get you going in the right direction? Great!

Believe it or not, the answers are going to be in your answers! Your answers will determine if you want to go from SAHM to WAHM and have your own successful home business, and if you’ll succeed at being a work from home mom.

Even more so, your success can be determined by one little thing: if you take the time to answer all of these questions.

Getting to know yourself and your answers will be the foundation to everything you do from this point – whether you have a successful home business or fail in business. This is actually the starting point or ending point of success or failure. Really.

If failure is not in your plans… please read and complete:

I just have to say, this section is my favorite part. This is where you are going to discover the deepest most significant reasons why you want to go from SAHM to WAHM - having your successful home

Plus, these questions will provide you with the oomph to get you through those days you feel you can’t make it. Guaranteed!

Be honest, think deeply, and have fun. This will either give you solid reasons you will succeed at going from a SAHM to WAHM in having your own successful home business or learn you are not cut out for it. Personally, I doubt the latter will happen – unless you just don’t invest the real time to do this!

To start, these questions are not some random questions I created; they are to give you strong enough reasons why you will have a successful home business or fail starting a business from home.
Please don’t skim this. By skimming this exercise, you are setting yourself up for failure.

  1. Why do I want to be a stay at home mom?
  2. Why do I want a successful home business?
  3. What will happen to me and the children if I don’t become a WAHM or SAHM?
  4. How difficult will it be on me and the children if I don’t become a WAHM or SAHM?
  5. What will my life be like?
  6. Describe your daily schedule (Monday through Sunday) if you have to go back to work.
  7. Do you think you’d like that lifestyle? Describe how that lifestyle will affect you physically and emotionally.
  8. Who would take care of your children? How different would their lives be if you weren’t caring for them?
  9. How would your life be, how would your energy level be, how would your house look, how would volunteering look, how would your friendships and family time look? How different would your life be if you were working outside the home and your kids went into a daycare, preschool, after school program, etc? How much more would it cost you to put them into daycare/after school programs?
  10. What will their life be like if you worked outside the home?
  11. Describe their daily schedule (Monday thru Sunday) if you have to go back to work and not be at home with them.
  12. If I am a WAHM, how will I feel about myself, my role as a mother, my God-given purpose?
  13. How will I feel about being a stay at home mom?
  14. What will my kid’s future look like by me being a WAHM?
  15. What will this do for my children’s God-given purposes?
  16. How will working at home help my children?
  17. How will raising my children –instead of other people raising my kids – help my children grow, learn, love, find purpose, prepare them for school, college, marriage, etc?
  18. How will having a successful home business change my life?
  19. How can giving your children a mother who is there when they wake up and there when they go to bed prosper their future?
  20. Describe what being a WAHM/SAHM looks like to you. What will it do for your children?
  21. How will working at home help them be who they are purposed to?
  22. By staying at home, describe the joys of getting them involved in church activities? In after school activities, participating in events, parties, activities, in play-dates, visiting with grandparents and cousins? How many more things can you do for your children if you stayed at home?
  23. What is most important to you? 2nd important to you? 3rd important to you? 4th important to you?
  24. If you lived according to those 4 important items above, how would your life turn out? How would your kid’s life turn out?
  25. Describe in detail your life in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years if you were a stay at home mom and had a successful home business? If you had to work outside the home?
  26. Also try our Pros and Cons questionnaire.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Every decision you make changes the outcome of your future (think about the movie Ground Hogs Day). You need to seriously answer these questions, and keep them in front of you when you are deciding on the best path for your life.

Each time we make quick decisions for temporary gratification (using the credit card instead of waiting till we have the money), it sets us back.

We want to be moving forward to have the life of our dreams. And we can’t do that without a road map.

Can I be Your Successful Home Business Tour Guide?

Think of me as your tour guide, a tour director, with a flag in my hand that says, The WAHM Plan, and a bold voice saying, “we’re walking, we’re walking, and we’re stopping. To the right you can see…” (You’d have to have gone on a guided tour to get that analogy) :0).

The tour guide is one who knows the map well, she knows the destination, and how to get your there while enjoying the sites. She sets up a well-rehearsed, well-traveled tour of that city and shows you everything you need to know.

If the tour guide flies by the seat of her pants not knowing where you and she are going you’ll get lost right?

But if she has traveled it, found all the good spots, dangerous spots, things to do and not do, then you will enjoy the trip right?

Well that is my job; I am your well-rehearsed, well-traveled tour director. I have had enough failures and wins that I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to get you to where you want to go without wasting your precious “vacation” time doing the things that have no purpose.

Although you may see that some of the stuff I recommend seems pointless, or too much of a bother, or you don’t have the time to do it… but let me share some honest truth, there is a reason for all of it and a: “half you know what job gets you – a half you know what business. “

Every successful woman (stay at home mom, work from home mom), must have a plan, the right tools, the right mentor to get them where they want to go. You may make it without this, but you also may waste a lot of time and a lot of money. I’d like for you to avoid the mistakes I made along the way and get you to your ultimate purpose quicker.

So I know you are asking me: Can I skip this step? Yes, of course! But if you are looking for a life with quicker results and an easier way to get there with fewer problems, I recommend this route.

Remember, half done jobs gets have done results. Full investment, fully planning gets you spectacular results and a spectacular, well planned easier life and business! The choice is yours.

Okay, you ready?

Great, let’s go!

Choose the direction you’re ready to take:

Home Business Ideas for Smart Moms -- Lists, Lists, and More Lists!

If you’ve failed too many times and are afraid to move forward read this.

READY and know nothing is stopping you, skip to this step. Great Freelance Business Ideas.

You NEED money but don't know where to find it... click here

WONDERING if starting is business is the right thing to do? Try our Pros and Cons questionnaire

Need some TOOLs on time management? Try this page...

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