How to Succeed in Business
... and Why Do Businesses Fail?

12 WAHM Tips for Successful Business Women

About: How to Succeed in Business and Why Do Businesses Fail? WAHM Tips for Successful Business Women

I was asked a few weeks ago a question that I have mulled around in my head for some time. I was asked “what would you recommend on how to succeed in business and why do businesses fail?” I thought you'd like to hear my thoughts :0).

I came up with this:

  1. For the first 6 months, don’t go on Facebook or any other social media. I know, I know every business authority says to be on them to build your business, but if you have no business because you are socializing all the time – you have no business. But if you must, then use your midnight hours to get caught up with everyone.

  2. Ask yourself if what you are reading is going to help you today? If not don’t read it.

  3. Stick with only three or less businessperson’s advice and don’t read anything else. The more you spend jumping from website to website and book to book you’ll waste valuable time. Choose the best and dump the rest – and yes, that even means me!

  4. Stay focused on your goals – wait, you don’t have your goals set up for: 1month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and a 5 year plan? – YIKES, stop reading this and go back to goal setting here.

  5. Create a business plan. It doesn’t have to be a big time business plan but have an idea of what you want, what your business is about, how you want to get there, what you are willing to do to get you there, and how much money you will make each year.

  6. Write a mission and vision statement and make sure everything you do daily matches it.

  7. Everything that has nothing to do with your statements needs to be eliminated from your life.

  8. Remain focused on your top 5 important things and leave everything else out. Don’t know what is most important? Spend some time thinking about it.

  9. Spend time talking to family and friends once a week.

  10. Eat something you love everyday (or at least once a week) – but eat healthy everyday too. You really can do both!

  11. Make sure you laugh every day. Don’t miss out on something that will bring you joy, otherwise you will just be living for nothing.

  12. Find out what makes you happy and pursue that along with what you need to do. If relationships are important, devotional times with God, play dates with your children is a priority, make sure it gets put on your to-do list – otherwise it will never get done.

Hope that helps!

If you can think of any other WAHM tips on why do businesses fail and how to succeed in business – I’d love to here it!

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