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If you are asking yourself: why do businesses fail you may need to rethink your thinking…

Has your life turned out somewhat undesirable? A little embarrassing? Overwhelmingly overwhelming? Depressing? Are you ready to see your life turned around?

Ready to see a beautiful life full of joy and happiness? Do you want the abundant life that you deserve?

Many times our life turns out because of wrong choices or because of situations that really weren’t our fault. Some are because of a bad childhood, a bad marriage, or bad job. But you don’t need to continue on that path; you can turn it around to the bright and cheery life you’ve dreamt about.

It starts with the decision to be who you want to be. Really, it starts with a firm decision. Without deciding to live that perfect life – you won’t get anywhere. And ultimately, you’ll continue on that dead-end track to no-where-ville.

Our life is like a book; each chapter is about everything that has happened to you. You may not like the current chapter you are in, but you can start writing a new chapter! With just a few decisions, a few plans and a few actions you can have a chapter you’re proud of. Are you ready to rewrite your new chpater? Are you ready to begin a new chapter in your life?

Knowing what your new chapter is about, is about what you want your life to look like now.

Let’s stop with the question: why do businesses fail and let’s start with a few simple questions to being looking at success:

  • What does your dream life look like?
  • What are you willing to invest to make that happen?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in having the life you want?
  • How much time are you willing to invest in the life you want?
  • What are the first three things you’re willing to do to start?
  • What three things are you willing to stop to move towards having your dreams?
  • Who will help you invest in your dreams?
  • Is there someone who can give you some spare time to help you start working on your business?
  • Do you have someone to help with babysitting your children?
  • Do you know someone who can give you a loan or donation?
  • Who do you have that will provide you with emotional, spiritual, and business support?
  • Do you have a consultant in the beginning?
  • Do you have treasures in your home you can sell to finance your dreams?
  • When are you willing to begin?
  • How many hours are you willing to invest?
  • What are your weekly goals? Monthly goals? Yearly goals?
  • What does success look like on a weekly basis? On a monthly basis?
  • What will success look like after your first year? What completed goals will give you the feeling of complete success?
  • When will you begin putting this plan together?

Okay, so how did that feel? Were you surprised at your answers? Did you feel a calming peace as you began to dream? If so, it’s time to put those dreams and answers into a beautiful life plan.

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