Living a Satisfied Life Scorecard

How to Be Content in an Uncontent World

Living a satisfied life opens doors to success in every area of our life. If you are satisfied with your life, you will have a happier home life, loving marriage, intimate friendships, stronger spiritual life, more opportunities to achieve advancement in work, and an overall enjoyment in life.

Being satisfied in life is not as hard as you think. With a little time and effort and more focus on what you want in life – you will be living your satisfied life you’ve always wanted. Please download here our free Living a Satisfied Life PDF. or copy this page to your journal or organizer for your convenience.

  1. If you were to give a SCORE out of 10 for how SATISFIED you are with your life overall? _____ / 10
  2. If you were to give a SCORE out of 10 for how much FUN you are having in life? _____ / 10
  3. If you were to give a SCORE out of 10 for how HAPPY you are in your current CAREER? _____ / 10
  4. If you were to give a SCORE out of 10 for how overwhelmed, BUSY or cluttered you currently feel? _____ / 10
  5. On a scale of 0 – 10 I like myself (10 being the best):
  6. What is your FAVORITE thing in your life at the moment? (like best)_____________________________________________

  7. What could be IMPROVED in your life at the moment? (like least) ______________________________________________

  8. I am looking: (please check all that apply)

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