How to Make a Budget

The Reason Personal Budget Planning is So Hard

How to make a budget is not as hard as you think – even if you think it won’t work with your schedule. When you ask a group of people if they have prepared a budget most will answer a sobering no. The word, “budget” has been deemed as a bad word.

Can I ask you a question? Are you planning to fail or failing to plan? If you aren’t planning than you are planning to fail.

That seems so harsh, but in today’s time, as work from home moms, we are in much more need of planning our days, our money, our time, our family time, and our work schedule - but if we don’t make a solid plan for budgeting we are setting ourselves up for failure.

The Shame of Not Budgeting and Not Knowing How to Make a Budget

What is it that causes so many people to hold their head in shame or run away when we hear the word “budget?” It’s not a dirty word; it’s something that will better our future. So what is it? It has a lot to do with control or loss. We want to buy what we want, have what we want, and do what we want – when we want.

But if you ask those who “have, do, and buy” if they are truly happy, you’ll get another sobering no. Why? because purchasing all those toys and “needs” going out to eat, giving your kids everything they want is not as satisfying as we thought it would be.

Temporary Gratification or Long-term Pain?

We are hoping that when we spend the money we will have long term gratification. But in reality, it’s temporary. In actuality internally another weight of sadness hits us again – causing us to go buy another thing to solve that problem. In reality, all we’ve done is try to buy our happiness.

A Group that Went on a Buying Fast

I was with a group of people who decided to go on a buying fast – absolutely no spending for one month. That meant no going out, no swinging by McDonalds, no throwing a couple of quarters in the vending machine, and UGH… no Starbucks! On top of that, no grocery shopping, no clothes shopping, no spending money anywhere.

Of course there are the certain things like gas, paying bills, and milk for the baby, but outside of that – zip, zero, zilch.

The entire group and family agreed and were ready to begin at the first of the month. To make a long story short, after much griping through the month and realizing how much they spend, they actually realized that much of the money they spend every month is frivolous.

Who are We Trying to Keep Up With?

The keeping up with the Jones’ needs to stop – because the Jones’ don’t exist anymore. The Jones’s are only a made up image on television, commercials, and shows. These paid actresses and actors create an allusion that they are happy, but again, they are paid to show you this pretend life.

Did you know even Oprah doesn’t watch TV because of the false images it portrays. This life isn’t real and trying to keep up with this life is destroying you and your family.

I think dear ones, we need to rethink what our happiness is about and not have false illusions control our eating and spending habits.

Ready for a Peaceful Life?

What if you could have the home life, work life, and peaceful life that is portrayed on TV without all the falseness of it, would you want it? What would you do to have it?

Are you willing to sit down with your family and free yourself from this weight of having everything and work on planning a budget that will create that beautiful life you’ve dreamt of having?

If yes, it’s time to take a peek at where you are spending your money and learning the joy of how to make a budget.

I have a few printable budget worksheets to choose from. Have fun and remember this is about finding the peace and happiness you’ve longed for!

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