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My Experiences with a Few Webhosting Companies

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With so many webhosting companies which one do you choose?

I thought I’d give you some help! Although I’m prejudice with SBI, you will see a few web hosting companies I used and what experiences I had with each company.

To honestly be a part of a webhosting review you’ve had to have tried some other company’s, right? Well, that I did! More than I wish to share :0).

I have built with Go Daddy, Yahoo, and Church Works and a few others.

Website Hosting Review on Go Daddy

For Go Daddy, it’s very clunky. I had a lot of trouble keeping the text in place. The text boxes would slide everywhere but where I wanted it to go. Outside of that, it was okay. You can go to my website to see how it looks. Outside of the text issues, it was very simple, than again took a month to build 5 pages (12 hour days) – UGH!

Website Hosting Review on Church Works

If you have a Christian site, Church Works is a simple site. I got a lot of compliments on how it looked, and I liked how easy it was to build. I was getting a lot of visitors to the site and I was pleased with the one on one care from Nathanial. But it still didn’t fully accomplish my goal which was selling my book. That became a problem! That is when I looked for another webhost. I knew Godaddy wasn’t it; Yahoo was much better.

Website Hosting Review on Yahoo

Out of those listed above, Yahoo was the easiest to build and was not clunky at all. I did how ever have to keep coming up with money to purchase all their add-ons. That was annoying and extremely costly!!! Once I completed a task, I had to purchase another product to build my site… and purchase more, and more and more. It got old very fast!

After Waiting One Year…

I came across a lady who had a coaching site and shared how she built her website. That stuck in my head, but didn’t pursue it for almost a year. I continued searching and purchasing and building from other website hosting sites and studied more about other people who did a website hosting review, but all ended up close to where my Godaddy site and ChurchWorks site was. A dead site that brought no business.

Contacted a Coach Who Had SBI

I knew there had to be something better, that’s when I went back to the coaching site and emailed the coach. Her response was, “if you are ready to work and invest time - purchase it, if not, don’t. This is a real host building site that focuses on you being a real business.” Yes, it was that short. But I didn’t need more than that. I was looking for something that would accomplish what I needed.

Well that was what I was doing AND looking for, so I went to the SBI site and read every page they had, watched every video almost twice! Everything sounded good, but so did all the other sites I bought. I was worried that this was going to be just like all the other ones.

The only difference was they offered more (and it was included in the price). They had all the tools, guidance, and coaching to help me stay focused on the correct actions. Also they had an easy-to-use research tools to help me figure out what kind of site to create. I also was able to learn by video rather than reading a ton of text (my way of learning!)

Site Build It! GIVES YOU all the tools to succeed (according to your learning styles).

A Company that Doesn't Keep Upselling You?

SBI doesn't just give a few products and sell you the rest, you are set up right from the start and they don’t sell you everything else you will need to get going. Seriously everything is included.

Other website hosting companies may be a little cheaper (not by much), but you have to keep purchasing everything to get your business off the ground. Not SBI! Check out this price comparison!

They also have the friendliest forums that actually help. I am on the forums daily, and the SBI users actually give you great advice, they aren’t afraid to share their secrets – on the contrary, they give away everything they know, seriously everything! You feel like SBI and the forums are your family and it’s a wonderful place to belong. Check out some of the people who built their sites using SBI! You'll actually meet most of them in the forums!

Want a Web Host Do the Work for You?

If you want to have your web-host do all the technical work while you provide your customers great quality content and earn a great living, than please consider my website hosting review as an honest and sincere review and please see SBI, or look at some of the other benefits.

What SBI Can do for You - Website Hosting Review:

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