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Okay this is not the most enjoyable business but it is one that you can really clean up – financially! With managers having a huge amount of work to already attend to – cleaning up after a messy tenant is almost impossible. If you have a passion for cleaning and making a house a home, that someone will love to live in, this may be right up your alley.

What is Needed?

Managers are always looking for companies that enjoys hard work and aren’t afraid of a lot of elbow grease. Some of the work needed is deep cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, patching and painting, replacing broken closet doors, bathroom doors and towel bars, replace windows, removing trash and furniture left behind – and a bonus, anything left in the house can be yours. If you think you can do this then this may be just the right job for you. Plus it can usually be done while the kids are in school!

Start-up costs:

This is a low cost business, just a few hundred dollars in cleaning products, trash bags, vacuums, handyman tools, painting tools, some brochures and a lot of hob-knobbing is all you’ll need.


With brochures in hand, a great website, pictures of before and after will get you going in the right direction. To get known, start by going to apartments and management companies, bring fliers, and willingness to prove yourself by doing some jobs for free.

Helpful Hints - Ideas for a Business:

Over time, apartment and condo cleaners start doing a poor job and managers have to continue to look for new people, this is where you come in, show them you are dedicated, give them referrals, and a strong personal agreement that you are dedicated to serving long term. This will keep them interested, or at least remember you for the next time.

Don’t forget to follow up with calls and visits. This business is more about relationships than anything else, if you show yourself to be honorable and friendly you will be the most hired clean-up lady in town.

Growth Potential:

This business has the ability to grow to doing 100’s of apartment and condo clean-ups every day. By starting small then adding one or two employees at first, you can keep adding employees until you have a strong growing business. The key to success with this many employees is keeping them happy. Be the kind of boss you would want. Work alongside them often, have barbeques, treat them to lunch every so often, have family get-togethers, give bonuses and raises. When you decide to go big the only way to succeed is treating your employees like they are royalty.

As you grow, you can grow out of working and having all your employees working for you. Then you can go out building more business and having fun with your family and employees! A win-win-win all around.

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