The Dog Day Care Business Plan

A Great Idea for a Home Business
for the Whole Family

Dog Day Care Business Plan:

Another great business idea is a Dog Day Care Business. Do you have an area in your home and backyard that could house 1-10 pups? …than this may be the perfect affordable home based business opportunity for you.

A dog boarding business is becoming more and more popular since families are realizing that their beloved dogs can’t be home alone 12 hour days anymore. Science has proven that pets are like people, without interaction with other people or pets the animal becomes depressed and destructive and thus turns into a little monster.

Doggie daycare businesses are changing that. With a few changes to your home you could have an easy start up business up and running in a few weeks.

Dog day care businesses are different than overnight day-care; the day care is intended for the pooch to be dropped off in the morning and picked up after work. Overnight care is an entirely different start up business (that can be incorporated into your day care if you like) Overnight requires additional expenses, set up and planning.

Best Start Up Business for the Whole Family:

Depending on your city zoning and permits needed, the options are endless with this business. Just imagine having a family business: you and your children having the opportunity to care for a few pets together. It not only teaches them responsibility, but it teaches them entrepreneurship.

Start-up costs:


Home Based Dog Business and Marketing Ideas:

Some of the best ways to get your business known is visit the local dog parks, create a website, create brochures place in vet offices, grooming locations, kennels, pet food stores, animal shelters, and community centers. Canvasing streets twice a month throughout the year will grow this business quicker – which makes this one of the top home based business ideas out there.

Growth Potential:

A way to allow growth in this business is to have a commercial warehouse with indoor and outdoor features that will appease the dog and parents. With a larger space you could also include overnight care, grooming, selling pet food and other pet products.

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