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Like dog training, this is creating dog training videos to help pet-parents train their dogs. Starting with a website and creating a few dozen training guides, this business can be a great compliment to any other pet business or a stand-alone company. With the world looking for all their answers online, why not provide it to them with videos. If you know, or you can learn how to train, you can create dozens of videos on specific dog training techniques.

Along that idea, maybe you know a few friends who have dogs that need training. Why not use their dogs for your video guide. Or how about advertising at vets, groomers, and other places dogs and their parents go asking if you can train their dogs for free if you can record the training.

This will take a bit more work than many other home business start ups because of the time it takes to create videos and all the editing that goes with it. But if those don’t scare you away, you may have found the perfect business for you.

Business Start Up Costs:

$900-6000 (it can be less if you have a video recorder, solid knowledge, and software for editing)


Much like the other dog marketing ideas, this also has a greater need to have a strong website company to grow this business. Only a few website companies help the web owner grow an ongoing strong business that will bring in client’s daily. Although most web host companies are fine for most businesses, this business requires a company that will bring you lots of clients quickly. For this business I highly recommend SBI.

On top of this being a word of mouth business, a lot of the success will come from introducing and training friends, family, neighbors, co-workers pets on videos. Additionally creating warm and friendly brochures with quality pictures and detailing everything you do. These brochures can be canvased throughout the city in vet offices, pet stores, dog parks, grooming locations, kennels, pet food stores, animal shelters, and community centers.

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